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                      I WANT YOU!
                      Foshan city Fuyuan Glass Technology Co., Ltd was established in 1998, so far it has been 17 years of history ,company has been focused on the manufacture of glass processing 
                      machinery.Company is the first member of the Glass Industry Association in Guangdong province,it has won the honorary title of Guangdong province "famous quality products",the 
                      production of the 6 series of equipment through the European quality certification (CE).
                      Now because of the needs of the development of the company, the urgent need to recruit the electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, sales personnel, foreign trade salesman, machinery and equipment industry and trade, welders several.
                      Fringe benefits
                      Eight 1 hours of work, if need to work overtime, overtime pay
                      2 package and board and lodging
                      3 positive after buy social security
                      4 enjoy the national legal holiday, a single
                      5 birthday gifts + holiday gifts
                      6 the company does not meet the party at a time

                      Welcome to the community to apply for talented people
                      Contact person: Ms. Liu    Tel:0757-86253757/88627555    E-mail:www.fsfuyuan@yeah.net
                      Address:Sanming Road Haitian Avenu east Lotus city Street Gaoming District ,Foshan city Guangdong province,China