Question: How To Pay Electricity Bill Online Goa?

Which app is best for electricity bill payment?

Best cashback apps to pay electricity bill online

  • Paytm. Paytm mobile wallet is very famous in India and it’s largest user base in the country.
  • Google Pay.
  • Amazon Pay.
  • PhonePe.
  • PayZapp.
  • MobiKwik.
  • Oxigen.

What is contract account number?

When a contract has been accepted by the contractor, a separate account is opened for each contract in order to bring together all costs relating to a particular contract, and a serial number is given to each contract, which is called contract account.

How can I pay my electricity bill online in India?

How To Pay Electricity Bill Online

  1. Click on the electricity board.
  2. You will get a drop-down of all the states.
  3. Select your state.
  4. Pick your electricity board.
  5. Fill in your consumer number.
  6. Enter the amount.
  7. Pick promo codes of your choice to get Cashback & other offers.
  8. Choose the payment method of your preference.
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Can I pay electricity bill through PhonePe?

PhonePe lets consumers pay for their bills using the mode of payment they are most comfortable with; UPI or Debit or Credit Card and Wallet. On PhonePe customers can pay electricity bills for over 70 electricity boards/companies a few of which are listed below: Punjab: Punjab State Electricity Board Ltd (PSPCL)

How can I get 100 cashback on my electric bill?

Win 100 % Cashback Every Hour On Electricity Bill Payments Paytm Recharge is giving 100 % cashback on electricity bill payments. Maximum cashback available is Rs 1000 by applying this promo code. Promo code can be used once per CA number. Discount code is applicable only on Gas Bill Payment.

Can I pay electricity bill through Google pay?

You can pay your bills including mobile, television, electricity, water, and gas using Google Pay.

Which expenses are excluded from cost?

Following are the main examples of expenses which will be excluded from cost.

  • Income tax and advance tax.
  • Dividend paid.
  • Discount on issue of shares and debentures.
  • Underwriting commission payment.
  • Capital losses.
  • Expenses for purchasing of fixed assets.
  • Loss on the sale of fixed asset.
  • Interest on capital.

Who prepares the contract account?

A contract account is prepared by a Contractor. A contract, by and large, involves an agreement between parties who undertake jobs, such as construction of a dam or a building or a ship; laying down railway lines or roads etc.

Which cost is known as work cost?

Also known as works cost, production or manufacturing cost, Factory cost includesprime cost along with works or factory overheads. Factory overheads include cost ofindirect material, indirect wages, and other indirect expenses incurred in the factory.

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How can I check my electricity bill online?

In order to check or view the UPPCL bill, visit the official website of UPPCL and select UPPCL Urban. Complete the log-in process and click on View Bill. On the next page, enter the Account No., Password, and Captcha. Subsequently, click on Log in.

How can I generate my own electricity bill?

Eligibility criteria for self bill generation.

  1. Sanctioned load should be less than or equals to 9 KW.
  2. Billing method should be KWH basis, not KVAH basis.
  3. Self Bill Generation is available for LMV1 (Domestic), LMV2 (Commercial) and LMV4 – ST41 (Govt.
  4. Previous bill should be in Active status. (

How do I get a receipt of Google pay my electric bill?

Payment accounts. click View transactions. Select a date range from the drop-down menu at the top of the list. Locate the transaction and click its payment link in the Description column. A window opens showing a printable receipt.

How do I pay by phone?

Instead of adding money to the wallet, you can directly pay from your bank account to a mobile number or VPA.

  1. Hit send on the main screen.
  2. Choose a bank account or a VPA contact you want to send money to.
  3. Enter the amount.
  4. Choose your bank from which you want to pay.
  5. Send.

How do I pay my PhonePe wallet?

You just need to enter a receiver’s mobile number/VPA and send him/her money within seconds. You can also use the PhonePe app to pay your postpaid and utility bills as well as recharge your prepaid mobile number, data card, and DTH. You can also check your bank account balance or scan QR codes to pay!

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