Quick Answer: How To Go Ooty From Goa By Car?

How can I go to Ooty from Goa?

The fastest way to reach from Goa to Ooty is flight to Kempegowda International Airport, then flight to Coimbatore International Airport, then cab to Ooty and takes 7h 46m. The recommended way to reach from Goa to Ooty is flight to Kempegowda International Airport, then cab to Ooty and takes 8h 26m.

Which is the best way to reach Ooty?

The nearest International Airport is Coimbatore International Airport, roughly two and a half hour drive from Ooty. Coimbatore Airport is well connected to a spectrum of cities like Delhi, Kozhikode, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad via Air Arabia, Air India, Indigo, Jet Konnect and Spice Jet.

Can we travel to Ooty at night?

Premsubramaniam is right. There is a ban on the following routes at night: NH 212 from Kozhikode to Mysore, NH 67 from Ooty to Mysore. This applies for all modes of transport.

How far is Bandipur from Ooty?

Distance Between Bandipur to Ooty

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Distance between Bandipur to Ooty by Road is 101 Kms
Distance between Bandipur to Ooty by Flight is 48 Kms
Travel Time from Bandipur to Ooty by Road is 3:1 hrs
Nearest Airport in Bandipur Kempegowda International Airport (11.76, 76.45)

Is there snowfall in Ooty?

No, it doesn’t snow in Ooty. Ooty doesn’t face any type of snowfall at any time of the year. You can see thick frost on the grass early in the mornings and that’s the most you can witness in Ooty.

What is the best time to visit Ooty?

Best Season to Visit Ooty

Travel Seasons Min/Max Temperature Season
October – February 5-22°C Cold and windy
March – May 15-30°C Pleasant
June – September 12-25°C Heavy rainfall

Is one day enough for Ooty?

Ooty can be covered easily in 1 to 2 days. Check out the 1 day Itinerary to help you plan your trip in a better way. If you wish to extend your stay than there is also an another 2 days itinerary. To know more about Ooty and major tourist attractions, check out it’s travel guide.

Why is Ooty famous?

Ooty is most famous for its tea plantations. Connoisseurs will find plenty to choose from: dust and leaf; black, green, black and white varieties; and flavours such as masala, jasmine, cardamom and even chocolate.

Is Nilgiri and Ooty same?

Nilgiris is a part of the Western Ghats. Ooty the “Queen of Hill Stations”, Coonoor 19 kms from Ooty and Kotagiri 31 kms from Ooty, are the three hill stations of this district..

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Is it safe to travel to Ooty by car?

“The Masinagudi route is one of the most dangerous routes in the country. With 36 hair-pin bends and a narrow road, there have been many accidents of late. Travellers from Bengaluru can take the Masinagudi route while those descending from Ooty have to go via Gudalur, ” said Tamil Nadu police official.

Is Ooty safe for families?

The crime rate in Ooty is low and it is reasonably safe. However, you should take care of the following things: Avoid climbing the hills after 6 pm as the area becomes dark due to the lack of proper lighting. Secondly, Private taxi drivers in Ooty are a menace.

Is Mysore Ooty Road closed?

Yes, it is safe. If you are taking public transport, then nothing to worry. If you are driving/riding, be alert to some of the points below. The routes from Ooty to Mysore passes through Bandipur and Mudumalai National Parks, and the gates to that remains closed from 9 PM to 6 AM.

Is Bandipur worth visiting?

Bandipur, Karnataka is reckoned to be one of the finest tiger reserves in India and rightly so, because the places to visit in Bandipur are nature’s gems, worth feasting your eyes on! Being historically significant and delightfully scenic is what makes Bandipur a gift of nature that is every bit worth exploring!

Is Munnar better or Ooty?

Munnar is a safe place and harmony. Ooty is also a land of charming picnic spots for all generations but a comparison of both Munnar is far better than Ooty because Munnar has less crowd than the former. So, plan your vacation in Munnar or Ooty and get ready to have a blast!

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Which is better Ooty or Coorg?

Conclusion: Both Ooty and Coorg makes excellent destinations. Ooty seems to be a bit more on the mass tourism side while the highlights of Coorg revolves around handpicking and your holiday theme and customizing destinations.

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