Quick Answer: Where To Goa Fter Dealing With Horker?

Where can I find Horker meat?

Horker Meat can be looted from the Blood Horkers, and their leader, Haldyn.

What can I do with mammoth tusks in Skyrim?

They are used in some miscellaneous quests, and can be used to make the spell tome of Conjure Storm Atronach in the Atronach Forge in the Midden in the College of Winterhold. Ysolda asks for one during the quest “Rare Gifts,” and Madesi asks for one during the quest “Ringmaker.”

How do you kill Haldyn?

It is recommended that the Dragonborn dual-wields daggers with the 15x damage Assassin’s Blade perk (powerful enough daggers should kill him instantly) if they are ill-equipped to defend themselves against the barrage of lightning that Haldyn sends their way once he detects them.

What is a Horker?

Horkers are large, walrus-like creatures that are found around the island of Solstheim and in the northern regions of Skyrim. The horkers of Skyrim are often hunted for their meat and tusks.

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What kind of meat does Bilgemuck eat?

The first task the chief asks is to find Bilgemuck, a unique Bristleback, and bring him back to Thirsk. Approach the beast and offer it some meat for bait, such as Horker Meat, and it will begin to follow the Dragonborn. Lead it to a small pen by the side of the mead hall to complete the first part of the quest.

Where can I find rubies in Skyrim?


  • The Midden.
  • Shriekwind Bastion.
  • Can be found on dead giants.
  • Around Orphan Rock.
  • Can also be found in random loot. Several more can be found in certain containers with the Prowler’s Profit perk.
  • Can be mined from Ruby Geodes added by Dragonborn.

Is Ysolda a good wife in Skyrim?

Besides being kind and easy on the eyes, Ysolda’s ability to become an innkeeper makes her an awesome choice for marriage. By killing Hulda, the innkeeper of the Bannered Mare in Whiterun, Ysolda becomes the new manager. That’s nice.

Can you marry Carlotta in Skyrim?

In order to marry Carlotta and adopt Mila, the Dragonborn must talk to Mikael on Carlotta’s behalf and become a thane of Whiterun. Then put on an Amulet of Mara and talk to Carlotta wearing it.

Can you marry Ysolda in Skyrim?

1 Answer. For Ysolda to become available you must complete the sidequest she gives you to fetch a mammoth tusk. You must also have spoken to Maramal in Riften about conducting weddings to allow marriage in general.

How do you steal Suvaris Atherons logbook?

To do this, simply walk into the Shatter-Shield office, which is next to the East Empire Company office and unlocked during daytime hours. The item you need to steal, Suvaris Atheron’s logbook, will be marked with a quest marker in the back of the building. Return to Orthus when you’re done with that.

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Where is Adelaisa?

Adelaisa Vendicci is an Imperial member of the East Empire Company. During and after completion of the quest “Rise in the East,” Vendicci can be found inside the East Empire Company office near the docks outside Windhelm. She is eligible as a follower, house steward, or Blades recruit.

How do you get into Japhet’s Folly Towers?

Japhet’s Folly Towers It is accessible via a frontal assault and lockpicking a master-level door. If one follows the perimeter from the main gate to the left, round both of the towers, there is a section of the wall with logs slanted in on an angle where it is possible to jump over the wall.

Where do you get Mudcrab chitin?

Mudcrab Chitin is dropped by mudcrabs. The best bets are:

  • Peddlers may be randomly encountered in the wilderness (typically being attacked).
  • 14% chance of 1-3 samples being carried by any Silver Hand member.
  • Vaermina devotees have a 3% chance of carrying one.

Where can I find Slaughterfish scales in Skyrim?


  • Slaughterfish Scales can be found on Slaughterfish.
  • Can be purchased from alchemists.
  • May be found on hostile mages.
  • Two in a crate on top of the tallest tower at Autumnwatch Tower.
  • Can come with the Alchemy upgrade in player houses.
  • At Alchemy stations at the College of Winterhold.

Where can I find Horkers in Skyrim?

Horkers are sea animals, similar in appearance to a walrus, that typically live in packs of three or four. They are usually found on ice at the sides of rivers in northern Skyrim. Occasionally one of these creatures can be seen crawling up a slope near the seaside.

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