Why Goa Does Not Have Ias Officers?

How many IAS officers are there in Goa?

Last year, the Union Ministry of Home Affairs had announced that Goa’s quota in the posts to be filled through promotion in the AGMUT cadre has been hiked from the existing 10 to 13.

Who is IAS officer of Goa?

District Administration

Name Designation Email
Ajit Roy, IAS Collector & District Magistrate North Goa coln[dot] goa [at]nic[dot]in
Shri Gopal A Parsekar Additional Collector – I ac1-north[dot] goa [at]nic[dot]in
Shri. N. M. Gad Additional Collector – II ac2-north[dot] goa [at]nic[dot]in
Shri. Mahadev Araundekar Additional Collector – III

Which state is best for IAS?

These Are The 5 Best States for IAS Coaching

  • Delhi, New Delhi.
  • Allahabad, State of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Lucknow, State of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Patna, State of Bihar.
  • Jaipur, State of Rajasthan.

Can IAS marry IAS?

In 2017, 6 officers of the 2017 batch, have already married a fellow- IAS officer, while 14 officers of the 2015 batch married a batchmate. Records from the Department of Personnel and Training showed that as many as 52 IAS officers from various batches got married to a fellow officer since 2017.

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Who is who in Goa government?

Third Council of Ministers (since 19 March 2019)

Minister Portfolio Party
Pramod Sawant Chief Minister Finance General Administration Home Personnel Vigilance Bharatiya Janata Party
Sudin Dhavalikar Deputy Chief Minister Public Works Transport River Navigation Museum Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party

Who is the Chief Secretary of Goa?


S.No. State Chief Secretary
6 Goa Parimal Rai, IAS
7 Gujarat Anil Mukim, IAS
8 Haryana Vijai Vardhan, IAS
9 Himachal Pradesh Anil Kumar Khachi, IAS

Which is the best degree for IAS?

Since the minimum educational qualification for CSE is bachelor’s degree and most of the aspirants are from three-year graduation programs, we will discuss the issue from the perspective of a three-year undergraduate student. For smart aspirants, college is the best place to start preparing for IAS exam.

What is the salary of the IAS officer?

The basic per month salary of an IAS officer starts at Rs. 56,100 (TA, DA, and HRA are extra) and can go on to reach Rs. 2,50,000 for a Cabinet Secretary. A career in the Indian Administrative Service is one of the most sought-after professions in India.

Who is most famous IAS officer?

Top 10 IAS Officers in India

  • The 2010 batch IAS officer is popularly known as the “Miracle Man”.
  • Aruna Sundararajan is the Kerala cadre IAS officer who played a significant role in the development of e-governance in Kerala.
  • Smita Sabharwal is the first lady IAS to be appointed to the Chief Minister Office, which is indeed an inspiration to all.

Can IAS get home state?

Generally, an IAS /IPS officer cannot get his home cadre. However, there is a very slim chance of it. This is possible only if you get a very high rank and then there are vacancies in your home state for your category in that year. In addition, you should have given your first preference as your home state.

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Which city is best for UPSC?

Best Cities for IAS Preparation in India

  1. Delhi. Delhi – One of the Best City for IAS Preparation in India.
  2. Bengaluru (Bangalore) Bangalore for IAS preparation.
  3. Mumbai. Mumbai for IAS preparation.
  4. Pune. Pune for IAS Preparation.
  5. Kolkata. Kolkata for IAS preparation.
  6. Allahabad. Allahabad is a popular city in India for IAS preparation.
  7. Jaipur.
  8. Lucknow.

Can female IAS officer wear jeans?

Do not wear sneakers, chappals, noisy shoes or very high heels. Do not wear too expensive accessories or jewellery. For example, for females, bangles can be very distracting. Wearing jeans should be strictly avoided.

Do IAS officers keep guns?

To summarise, there are no guns entitled to IAS Officers by the government. Hence, IAS Officers can keep their personal guns but not use them on duty, neither do they need to do so under any circumstances.

At what age Tina Dabi became IAS?

Tina secured the first rank in the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Examination 2015. She was 22 -years-old at that time and cleared one of the toughest national-level papers in her first attempt.

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